TUE 30.07. 21:00
Oh Boy
,A stroke of luck for German cinema!' rbb Kulturradio Kino
Oh Boy
A normal night in the Berlin of not so long ago. Niko (Tom Schilling) is in his late twenties and living for the moment, drifting sleeplessly through the streets of Berlin utterly fascinated by the people around him, who love to tell him their stories. Life could go on like this. Could, but doesn’t: his girlfriend ends their relationship, his father cuts him off, a psychologist diagnoses him as ‘emotionally unbalanced’, a strange beauty named Julika confronts him with the wounds of their shared past, his new neighbour pours his heart out over schnapps and meatballs, and there doesn’t seem to be any ‘normal’ coffee left in the whole city. "Light-footed, clever, funny, and original. A godsend for German cinema” rbb Kulturradio.
1:28 h | FSK age rating 12 years
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